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The Client

Compass Building & Pest Inspections is a Queensland company that offers building and pest inspections, with a team of qualified, licensed, and insured inspectors.

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The Project

Having been in operation for 15+ years and their existing website nearly as old as the business, Compass knew they were well overdue for an update, so reached out to The Digital Brew to start planning a new site. Their main goal was to refresh the look of the brand and bring it into the current decade, ensuring that the new design would last them for many years to come.

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The Solution

Because the existing site was quite well-established, it was already generating a good amount of traffic from Google, so we were careful to conduct keyword research and ensure that the content would maintain and (ideally) grow in its rankings. Aside from writing some additional content and giving the brand a more professional sounding tone, we needed to give the content some more consistent structure and design around it, making it easier for users to scan for information.

We focused on key messages that would build trust with potential customers, like the company’s long-term presence in the local area, large volume of inspections, and experienced team. It was also important to draw attention to the two separate offices with different service areas, ensuring that customers would enquire with the right team.

In the end, we were able to strike a balance that the Compass team were comfortable with, retaining some of the old messaging (with a light edit), while giving it a new look and feel.

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