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Design Our City

Design Our City Website Mockup


The Client

Our client, QENCOM, is an engineering and construction firm based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Project

When we worked with QENCOM back in 2014, they were focused on promoting their brand and building strategic connections (plus sourcing potential talent for hiring). One idea they came up with was to run a competition where engineering students and/or community members could submit design ideas to provide better function and aesthetics in Brisbane city. We brainstormed a few names for this project and came up with Design Our City. The challenge was communicating the benefits to encourage students to sign up for the competition, integrating the right technology on the site, and incorporating QENCOM’s branding.

The Solution

We researched widely to look for comparable projects/sites. There wasn’t much out there – this competition and idea was pretty unique. In the end, we settled on a clean, modern site to reflect the city and design-focus of the project. At the time of launching, we designed the calls to action to encourage visitors to register their interest so we could notify them once the competition details went live. We also incorporated an upload form for all the competition submissions – this needed to be able to handle large file sizes, while still fitting in with the look and feel of the site.

Even though we created this site about a hundred years ago in internet years (2014), the design and copy still works for 2019 and beyond. It just goes to show that clean, modern design doesn’t go out of fashion.