About the digital brew

Brew is a Brisbane-Based Web Design Agency

We’re a small team, just like most of our clients. But we have a BIG mission: that every business has a website that reflects their brand — and that they’re proud of.
Why us

Why Choose Brew?

It’s simple, really. Compared to many other small business web designers, we offer a different experience and result!


We go deep on discovery, unpacking clients’ goals, marketing, SEO, brand voice, and audience needs, using this to shape the messaging, functionality, and design.


We know what it’s like to juggle a young family, a growing business, and all the things life can throw at you — and accommodate your needs and schedule where possible.


We’re here to help you with the tech stuff, are quick to respond to any issues, and keep your site hosted, up-to-date, and healthy.


When we build a custom site, we manage the whole process, including strategy, SEO, content, design, development, and management in-house for a more cohesive site and a smoother project.


Whether you customise a template or we build you a website from scratch, we want to make sure you get a website that reflects you.


We write and design with care so that your site is faster loading, search-friendly, and delivers a great user experience.

Our Clients

B2B Consultants
Allied Health
Our clients are typically honest, hard-working, and busy owners of small service-based businesses. They tend to have a lot of big ideas but want someone tech-savvy to make them happen (or offer support!). 

Note that we don’t work with lifestyle brands, online retailers (as we don’t do eCommerce), or anything that clashes with our Christian values and beliefs.

To get a better idea of who we’ve worked with in the past, check out our portfolio.
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Who we are

Meet the Brew Crew

Angela Rodgers
Creative Director

Angela Rodgers

Angela likes to daydream. At least, that’s what her grade 2 report card said. Her favourite things include coming up with ideas and bringing them to life with refreshingly good written content. Her least favourite things are semicolons and taking her vitamins. When she was 6-ish, she wrote a newspaper for her family and made multiple copies (by hand).

Stewart Rodgers

Stew loves to create things and help people. He’s obsessed with learning new things and loves going down a rabbit hole researching the best tech solutions (please don’t mention new phones or tech deals because he will disappear for days). He made his first website when he was 10 (it was hideous) and has been producing much better websites ever since.
Stewart Rodgers
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