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Website Copywriting: Crafted For Your Brand and Audience

Boost your visibility with website copy that clearly communicates your offer and helps your readers take the next step.
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Why Get Professional Website Content Writing

Want to know the secret to designing an impactful website that gets results?

It always works best if you start with the copy.

Far too many small businesses overlook the importance of good website copy when it comes to launching or redesigning their web presence. But if your content isn’t meaningful or polished, even the prettiest website will fall short on traffic and conversions.

A good website copywriter will write for your audience, but keep search in mind. They’ll structure your content neatly for the web, with scannability, interlinking, and clear calls-to-action. And they’ll let your brand shine through at every opportunity.

Website Copywriting Inclusions

Our website copywriting projects nearly always follow the same basic process — based on a decade of experience writing for businesses.
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After your initial enquiry, we’ll probably hop on a quick call to go through your goals and the project scope. Then we’ll put together a proposal with some recommendations. If you accept the proposal, we’ll go deeper on another planning call to kick off the project, where we really get to know your brand and vision.


Following the planning call, we’ll work on the strategic foundations for our project. This typically involves extensive keyword research and a resulting SEO strategy, along with a written brand voice guide.

Website Copywriting

We lean heavily on the planning call, research, and strategy documents to create the first draft of your website copy. All our writing happens in Google docs — it’s ideal for feedback and collaboration! After drafting, it’s over to you to provide feedback via comments or suggestions before we make edits. Just in case there’s a few additional tweaks needed, you can also provide another batch of feedback before we finalise the copy.

Go Live

Once the copy is finalised, you (or your website designer) can use it to update your existing site or plan your brand new website. Along with each of your website pages, you’ll also get SEO-optimised meta titles and meta descriptions to help boost search visibility and click-thru rates.

Website Copywriting Prices

Use the following example packages and inclusions to get an idea of our website copy prices. After our initial chat, we can send through a custom proposal with everything you need. To get started, send a quick enquiry and we’ll organise a time to chat.
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Small biz/startups

4-Page Website

From $1492*/month x 3 months
* Total cost over 3 months is from $4475 +GST
High Info Sites

10-Page Website

From $2,115*/month x 3 months
* Total cost over 3 months is from $6345 +GST

20-Page Website

From $3,982*/month x 3 months
* Total cost over 3 months is from $11945 +GST

Our next spot for professional website copywriting opens up in August 2024.

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About Our Website Copywriting Services

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What is website copywriting?

Quite simply, website copywriting refers to all the words on your website that are used to sell/explain your offer, connect with your audience, and support your user journey.

Can’t I just DIY my website copywriting?

You certainly could. If you’re in the very early stages of your business, it might even be a good idea to DIY. Website copywriting can be a lot to invest in upfront, especially if your offers and messaging are likely to evolve in the coming months. That said, the process can be time consuming and daunting — and even if you’re good with words, working with a professional will lead to a more polished and effective result. If you’re not sure, you can always have a go at writing the copy yourself first and then decide whether you need some professional input.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

We typically work with small to medium sized businesses, including trades, construction businesses, B2B companies, tech brands, allied health organisations, and consultants. Although we’re based in Brisbane, Australia, we’ve worked with brands in the U.S., the UK, Europe, and Asia.

Who is going to write my website copy?

You’ll work with Brew’s co-founder and very own in-house website copywriter, Angela Rodgers! She’s a Brisbane-based copywriter who has been writing website copy for more than 10 years. Her specialties include B2B and technology, but she has experience in nearly every industry, having written for more than 150 brands.

How much does website copywriting cost?

The cost of website copywriting varies hugely, depending on the scope of work, and the experience and expertise of the writer. You might find a brand new freelancer that charges as little as $100 per page for basic content, while seasoned professionals can charge tens of thousands for sales pages. When weighing up the cost of the project, it’s important to find a writer that’s a good fit for your industry, your goals, and the stage of business you’re at.

What’s the ROI on website copy?

Your website copy does a lot of heavy lifting — it can help you gain organic traffic from qualified leads (without paying for ongoing ads) and it can help you turn prospects into customers that are ready to buy. It’s hard to put a number on that kind of thing. But to maximise your ROI on website copywriting, make sure you seek out a writer that’s strategic — every word should get you closer to your goals, whether that’s increasing the value of your brand, improving conversions, or boosting traffic to your site.

Can you customise a website copywriting package for me?

Of course! The pricing and packages listed here are just a starting point. After our initial conversation, we’ll propose a custom package to suit you. Add on extra pages, extra features, longer form content, and specific plugins/integrations.

Can you also help with content writing?

Sure can! If you need content written (like blogs, case studies, eBooks, etc.) we can help. You might want a few pieces ready to go for your website launch, or a set amount of content each month. Mention in your enquiry that you need support with content and we can chat about the details over a call.