The Small Business Website Package with Everything You Need

All our website packages include all the ingredients for a successful launch, with conversion-focused design, SEO copy that talks to your ideal audience, and ongoing tech support for a happy, healthy site.

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

Is It Time To Launch Your Website 2.0?

The first version of your website was probably very average. No judgement - we’ve all been there. But if your current site is holding you back from achieving your business goals, it’s time for an upgrade.

Invest in a quality, on-brand small business website so your business can attract more of your ideal clients, stand out online, and scale up.

Ready to get started? We’ve got just what you need...

All-In-One Website Package

from $780/month

on a 12-month payment plan*

Our all-in-one website package includes all the features you need to get your business visible and generating leads online.

Think this could be your cup of tea? Send your application below and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day. If it looks like we can help, we'll book a call to confirm recommendations, availability, and pricing.

* Price does not include GST; total cost over 12 months is from $9360+GST






Extra-Shot, Caramel Syrup, and Whipped Cream On Top

Want all the extras or something custom? Here are a few options to jazz up your package.

Extra Pages

From $795

Extra Features

From $345

Longer-Form Content

From $345

Custom Functions

From $995

Not sure what you need? Send your application, let us know what you've got in mind, and we’ll recommend some options that will work with your goals.

Yes, We Do Website Maintenance and Hosting, Too!

Your package includes hosting and maintenance for the first 12 months (plus back ups, content updates, and security) so that your site stays healthy and up-to-date. And you’re always welcome to stick with us for as long as you like.

We Build Sites for Australian Service Providers

Wondering if we can do *your* style of website and write for your specific audience? We're not right for everyone. But chances are, we're a good fit if you sell a service, you’re in a creative industry, you’re a tradie, you’re in the construction industry, or you're a consultant.

Not sure we're a match(a) 🍵? Tell us a little bit about your business and the website project you've got planned and we'll let you know if we can help.

Our Website Launch Process


Stage 1: Plan

We take the time to get to know your business via our 60-minute content planning session and detailed questionnaires. We go deep, covering your goals, ideas, offers, audience, competitors, marketing tactics, and style preferences so we can bring your website vision to life (we tried mind reading… it doesn’t work).


Stage 2 : Content Creation

We create on-brand content that speaks directly to your audience and helps them get to know your offer, like your brand, and trust you to solve them problems. You get two rounds of revisions so we can get your message perfectly on point.

Design Icon

Stage 3: Design

We bring your vision to life with a design that perfectly supports your content. It’s modern, clean, fast loading, responsive, and optimised to convert. You get two rounds of revisions so you can provide feedback and help us refine the look and feel of your brand.

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Stage 4: Launch

We run testing on a live development copy of your site before launching it with your final approval to make sure you’re 100% happy with everything. You’ll get handover documents with login information and training videos to help you confidently manage your site and update the content yourself.

Stage 5: Hosting & Maintenance

We'll host and maintain your website for the first 12 months on our Standard Latte Package (with the option to continue on your plan after this). We'll keep your site live, updated, secure, backed up, and monitored, and we'll make up to 4 small content updates for you each month.

Learn more about what's included and how it works here.

FAQs About Our Small Business Website Package

It's normal to have questions about a product or service before you buy it. We've done our best to cover all the most common questions we get below, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know!

A new website isn’t for everyone — it’s important to invest in the right thing at the right time for your business.

When deciding on the next steps, here are some prompts that might help:

  • How much time could we save each month if we didn’t need to maintain/update our website ourselves — or if someone else was keeping an eye on it for us to ensure it was live and problem-free? Or if customers already knew everything they needed to — and only needed us to book their service in?
  • How much more revenue could we bring in if our traffic from Google (and therefore, website visitors) increased by 20% in the next year? And what if an extra 15% of all visitors called or emailed us instead of our competitors?
  • How much more profit could we generate if my website and brand better reflected the value and experience we offer — and therefore, we could charge what we’re worth?

If you’re ready for an upgrade, conservative revenue and profit estimates will show that your new site will pay for itself over and over again, while helping to ease the strain on you and your team.

Copy and design are both important if you want the best results from your website. Design draws the eye to the right places and encourages people to stick around for long enough to read the copy. And the copy connects with your ideal audience and positions you as the logical solution to their problem. Then the design makes it easy for them to say “yes” with clear calls to action. When copy and design work together in harmony, this process is so smooth that your website visitors hardly notice it. They easily get to the information they need to make a decision.

Launching a new website is hard, especially when you’re a small business. Usually, big agency pricing is designed for big business budgets… and their timelines are often more drawn out, too. And while freelancers can be a lot more affordable, they need you to manage the overall process, joining the dots between strategy, copy, design, development, and hosting. Usually, that means it’ll take longer and the end result may not be as cohesive.

A creative team gives you the good bits of both without all those negatives. More affordable, faster, self-managing, and a smooth process that covers everything from strategy to launch and beyond.

We’re a specialist website team who know what a good website looks and sounds like, who know how to bring your brand and idea to life, and who have successfully delivered countless website projects together over 6+ years. We’ve designed our small business web design package to deliver the very best websites, but also the customer experience you deserve with a clear, collaborative process.

If you’ve already got professionally written content that you’re happy with, yes. Please send through a copy of your content – we’ll use this to understand the number and type of pages you’ll need designed. Then we’ll adjust our package fee accordingly.

If your website’s good to go but you just need some professional copy written, we can help. Please send us through some info on what you need and we’ll adjust our package fee accordingly. However, please note that we always recommend getting the copy/content sorted before you finalise your design.

Yes. Our website package includes on-page SEO (search engine optimisation) and best practices. We start with keyword research to identify the best keywords for your site. Then we write the content to naturally include these keywords (and relevant synonyms). We also write your back-end stuff for SEO, including meta titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and image alt tags. Our sites are optimised for fast load times, which is another factor that’s important for good SEO. Please note that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires a range of tactics (not just on-page optimisation) and we cannot guarantee results.

Yes. All our sites are responsive – that means the design responds dynamically to different screen widths. We’ll test your site to make sure it looks good on mobile, desktop, and anything in between.

Yes. We don’t use templates for our custom packages. All our sites are custom designed, based on your branding and style preferences.

Usually our clients already have a professionally designed logo by the time they work with us. If you still need a logo and visual brand identity, we can recommend an excellent brand identity & graphic designer who can help you. You’ll need to do this before we start building your website.

Most of our websites take around 5-6 weeks from planning to launch.

Yes. We’ve designed our website package so that you can spread the cost out over 12 months. That means you can enjoy a better website, sooner – without any huge upfront costs.

Yes! We can create anything from one page websites through to epic 100+ page sites. We’ll have a chat about what you might need, make some recommendations, and put together a proposal that includes all the pages and features you need.

That depends. Let’s chat about what you need and if needed, we can tailor your website package so that it includes everything you need.

Please contact us to find out when we’re available to start work. Usually, we have a 1-2 month wait before we can start on new projects, so if you think we’ll be a great match, get in touch now.

We’re a small team, which means we really get to know you – and you get to know us. We focus equally on content and design – unlike most agencies where content is left up to you or a bit of an afterthought. And unlike most marketing agencies, we don’t offer a smorgasbord of services… we focus on delivering web design packages.

We’re based in Brisbane, Australia. If our sunny weather is triggering for you (we’re looking at you, Melbournites) let us know and we’ll try to avoid mentioning it.

No. We don’t do real-life meetings with clients. But we do happily chat over the phone or Zoom (video call).

Once you’ve paid for your website package in full, we assign the copyright to the copy and design to you. Please note that this does not apply to your content management system or plugins. These may be licenced to The Digital Brew or you, but are not owned by you.

Yes. We offer two rounds of revisions (so, a total of three versions) of both your copy and design.

We work with a range of small to medium businesses, mostly in Australia. Most of our clients are service-based businesses, including B2B, trades, creatives, and consultants. When you apply to work with us, we check that your industry is a good fit for our abilities, values, and background. If we think you’re not a good fit, we’ll let you know right away or recommend another creative team who can help you.

We cover hosting and maintenance for the first 12 months after your site is launched. See our website maintenance plans to learn more about what’s included.

After 12 months, we can move your site to another service, if you prefer to manage it yourself or work with another provider. Or you can continue on our hosting and maintenance plan for as long as you’d like.

Yes! You can check out our separate copywriting business to see what other kinds of projects we can help you with.

Yes! The package you see here is really just a starting point and we know it won’t work for every business. In fact, most of our projects are custom packages. We can tailor our all-in-one package to suit your brand, including all the features, pages, and bits you need. Let’s start by having a chat about what you’ve got in mind, then we can make some recommendations and do up a custom proposal that’s specific to your needs.